Blackberries Benefits And Nutrition Information

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Blackberries are sweet yet start summer staple. But the different blackberries benefits go well beyond their yummy days. Also, blackberries come with different health benefits as well.

Blackberries Are Packed With Vitamin C

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One cup of raw blackberries gives you 30.2 mg of vitamin C. This is equal to half of the daily recommended value. Vitamin C is important for the collagen formation in the bones, blood vessels, and connective tissue. Vitamin C will also help you in: 

  • Healing your wounds
  • Regenerating the skin
  • Battle with free radicals in the body
  • Absorption of iron
  • Prevention of scurvy
  • Shortening of the common cold

Vitamin C performs as an antioxidant that helps in reducing oxidative stress in the human body, which leads to cancer. 

Blackberries Are High In Fiber – Another Blackberries Benefits

Most people do not consume enough fiber in their diet, which is a serious problem. Allow fiber diet easily links to different digestive problems like constipation, bloating as well as stomach pain. According to a study, the intake of less fiber increases the risk of several heart diseases. A high fiber diet helps you with: 

  • Promotion of regular bowel movements
  • Reduction of cholesterol
  • Blood sugar level control by reducing the rate of sugar absorption
  • Wait to lose by making you feel full longer
  • Renders fuel to nourish healthy gut bacteria

Blackberries Are The Amazing Source Of Vitamin K

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vitamin K is the only reason why you do not bleed excessively when you cut yourself. Vitamin K helps in your blood clot and also plays a role in the metabolism of bones. The deficiency of vitamin K will easily lead to bone thinning and bone fractures. It also causes easy bruising, blood in the stool or in the urine, and heavy menstrual bleeding. I just one cup of raw blackberries benefits you with 29 µg vitamin K, which is a recommended one-third of the daily value. Also, if you’re taking blood thinners, then it is essential for you to eat a consistent amount of foods that contain high vitamin K, like green leafy vegetables, blackberries, soybeans, and different fermented dairy foods. 

Blackberries Are High In Manganese – Another Blackberries Benefits

While manganese is not as common as other minerals, it is important to consume manganese for healthy bone development and a healthy immune, digestive system. Hai manganese value helps your body metabolize carbs, cholesterol, and amino acids. Manganese plays an essential role in the formation of collagen-like vitamin C. Also, manganese helps in preventing osteoporosis, reducing epileptic seizures, and manage blood sugar levels


Blackberries are a superfood and high in beneficial minerals, vitamins, fiber, and antioxidants; blackberries benefit the human body as they are low in calories, carbs, and fat; also, blackberries are super versatile and are pretty easy that you can add them in your diet. While different studies still need to be made if blackberries can fight cancer and can help in preventing heart diseases. Enjoy having blackberries and blackberries benefits in a smoothie, yogurt parfait, or atop a green salad. 

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