Blackberry Recipe – Healthy And Easy Breakfast

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Blackberries offer a lot of nutritional benefits to our bodies and protect us from chronic diseases. Since it is difficult to eat different fruits, nuts, berries at different times and on different days. We have come up with the healthiest blackberry recipe that you can eat at the breakfast. The morning meal is the most important meal of the day but nobody likes spending time standing in the kitchen after waking up. So, here we will discuss how to prepare a healthy blackberry bar in a very simple and easy way. 

Blackberries are used in many different dishes, like salads, muffins, pancakes, pies, oats, margarita, etc. Blackberries can fill your taste buds with joy no matter what comes along with it. Now, let’s have a look at the delicious and satisfying family breakfast with a blackberry recipe. There are a lot of advantages to eating blackberry regularly.

Bean Berry Breakfast Bar – Blackberry Recipe

This breakfast bar is packed with all the goodness of healthy food. There is no refined oil, sugar, or flour and a very easy to make blackberry recipe. It is surely a blackberry recipe but the main ingredient behind the bar is the beans. Beans can gel up so well with every recipe, also adds protein, fiber, and extra moisture to any dish. This is an eggless recipe and you can even taste the batter while preparing as it is very tasty.  

Best Blackberry Recipe
Best Blackberry Recipe

Blackberry Recipe Ingredients 

The breakfast blackberry bar is filled with high fiber because it includes oats, beans, blackberry, chia seeds. They also keep you full for long, so you won’t starve. This meal provides loads of protein and iron to balance the nutritional portion of the meal. Next, you need maple syrup, applesauce, for sweetness. 

Blackberry Recipe Step By Step

First, prepare the blackberry jam, and to save your time you don’t have to cook this. Now mash the berries using a fork, add 1tbsp of chia seeds, and maple syrup. After you make a smooth mixture set it aside. This is the best time to get your oven ready – preheat it at 325* F. Get the baking tray ready, grease it with butter. 

Now, in a food blender take 

  • ½ cup applesauce,
  • 4 tablespoon butter, 
  • a teaspoon of cinnamon powder,
  • 2tbsp organic honey, 
  • take 1 cup rolled oats,
  • 1 teaspoon baking soda,
  • 1/4th teaspoon of salt
  • Now 1 +1/3rd cup of cannellini beans

Blend it into a fine paste, add water as required to smoothen the consistency. Now, add the thin slices of the almonds. Using a spatula, now spread 2/3rd of the mixture from the blender into the baking tray. Time for the jam to get on the layer spread it evenly on the mixture. Now finally, add the remaining mixture in the blender forming the top layer. You can top some sliced almonds to add a nutty flavor. 

Benefits Of Blackberry Recipe
Benefits Of Blackberry Recipe


Bake it at 370* F for 30 minutes and serve it after 30 minutes as it will take time to settle. You can prepare and refrigerate overnight for a solidified bar.   

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