How to Measure Servings of Blackberries

blackberries serving size

If you are looking for a blackberry smoothie recipe, then this is going to help you immensely. There are many different kinds of recipes that you can try with this delicious berry. There are even some recipes that are low calorie and good for you. These kinds of recipes will make it easy to get all the blackberries that you need in your smoothie.

An Overview

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To determine how many blackberries in a serving of blackberries, multiply the amount of blackberries in a recipe by 3. After that, figure out the number of servings you’ll be consuming from that 3 cups using the serving size calculator above. This will give you the number of servings needed for a particular recipe. Remember, just because a recipe calls for one serving of blackberries does not mean that you have to eat them all at once.

Some recipes will call for freeze dried blackberries. This can be a great option if you are trying to keep calories down. The only issue with these berries is that they are going to be slightly more expensive than fresh blackberries. But, if you are trying to minimize your calories, these might be the best option for you to use. Using these in the winter when it is cold and chills out can really add a nice accent to any salad or yogurt.

Making Process

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If you are having trouble deciding how many blackberries to use in a recipe, you might want to look into using the concentrated form of blackberry. This is just a small amount of berries in the recipe but adds a lot of flavor. The concentrated form of blackberries tends to be sweeter than other forms of blackberry. There are many recipes online for dessert smoothies using concentrated blackberries. This can be a great way to add a little something special to a dessert without adding a lot of extra sugar.

It is important to keep in mind when measuring your serving of blackberries whether you are using a recipe or just buying them in a store. If you are using a recipe, you might not need to use as much as you think you will because it may already be in the container. Many recipes will specify the serving amount for blackberries. If you are not having trouble determining the serving size, use about one-fourth cup. However, if you are having trouble reading the amount in the container, you can use two cups and just measure the amounts out for the recipe you are using.

Usual Servings 

Usually, blackberries are served in the morning on top of granola or other cereal for breakfast. You can serve blackberries in the morning by placing them in a bowl along with some coffee. You do not have to drink the entire cup, but it will provide some important antioxidants for you. You can serve the blackberries with a glass of water as well. It is important to use the correct serving size for blackberries.

When you have blackberries that need to be used, do not put them in the refrigerator because it may cause blackberries to go bad. Instead, allow them to cool down to room temperature. Blackberries are best eaten within 24 hours of purchase. If you plan to freeze them, make sure they are fully ripe.


When you serve blackberries, the best way to enjoy this delightful berry is in its true form: blackberries. Do not add any sugar or other flavors to the blackberries while they are still in the berry pulp stage. Once that stage has been reached, you can add any flavors or any other ingredients to the blackberries to enhance their flavor.

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