Know The Quick Way Of Making Freezing Blackberries

freezing blackberries

Blackberries are amazing fruits that contain several nutrients. Blackberries are served in many ways. One of the serving ways is serving as an ingredient in baking things like pies, muffins, and cobblers. Frozen berries make the perfect inside filling for baked goods as the berries used here are frozen. Let’s first learn the process of Freezing Blackberries.

The Process

A close up of berries

The freezing blackberries process is simple but requires some, or you can say a little more time. Firstly, rinse the berries with water and then air dry them. After the berries are dried then keep them in the refrigerator for 3 hours overnight. The next step is to transfer them to the freezer bag, and you must label your freezer bag with the date and name, and also you must remove air from the bag. Now the last step is that you have to freeze it for a year. So in this way, you can complete your process of freezing blackberries.

As mentioned earlier, frozen berries make the perfect filling for baked goods. There is not only the taste and looks of blackberries that make it perfect, but With boatload of fiber and antioxidants, frozen berries are a nutrient-rich, low-calorie addition to many delicious and healthy foods, and this all makes it perfect. Let us learn more about the nutrition facts about the frozen blackberries.

If you take one cup of berries, you will find the following nutritions:

●   Calories: 100

●   Fat: 1.3g

●   Sodium: 2mg

●   Carbohydrates: 24g

●   Fiber: 5.3g

●   Sugar: 16.6g

●   Protein: 0.8g

A close up of berries

So that was the nutrition information about the delicious berries. Now let’s learn more about its health benefits. Consuming a cup of frozen berries can meet with about one-fifth of the daily need for fiber. Frozen berries help to promote gut health. Also, the intake of the frozen berries boosts heart health. In clinical studies, it is observed that the polyphenols, micronutrients, and fiber in berries have been linked to improved cardiovascular health. 

These antioxidants also help in slowing aging. This is suitable for many special diets, and even you can add this to your diet even if you are a diabetic person. It may improve the insulin response and also weight loss. 

Even after all this information, there might be a question in your mind. What about the allergies from it? So here is the answer. Allergies from the frozen berries are considered as rare. So you can consume this food freely.


The process of Freezing Blackberries is so simple and easy. You can easily freeze them. This fruit contains many nutritions, and fortunately, freezing doesn’t significantly diminish berries’ nutrition. You must add this amazing thing to your diet, as this can be added to any diet, even the special ones. Also, there are almost no chances of allergy from it.

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