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Throughout the year, we are seeing improvements in the machines used in the household kitchen for better efficiency, smooth, faster, and easy running of the work. With the innovative efficient tools and equipment, the cook can make a large quantity of food better and in much less time. This equipment can be used in both commercial and household kitchens without any hustle and difficulty. Not only the big equipment but also the small appliances have an essential role in creating, preserving, and preparing food in the kitchen. Some trend has been seen in the innovation of the kitchen tools and portable slicer device is one of the best products. 

Manual Portable Kitchen Slicer Device

This manual portable kitchen slicer device is a simple slicing tool that is used in the kitchen to slice various things such as meat, cucumber, sausages, cheese, and many other products. It is manual equipment which means it is operated by hand and does not require electric power to perform its job. It consists of very sharp and superior quality blades inside which cut the items in a proper manner providing same size and shape. Also, it allows the users to set various shapes according to their preference for cutting the items.

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  • Fruit & Vegetable Tools Type: Shredders & Slicers
  • Certification: CE / EU
  • Model Number: vegetable cutter
  • Feature: Eco-Friendly
  • Type: Fruit & Vegetable Tools
  • Feature 1: Save more time
  • Feature 2: Easier Kitchen Life
  • Feature 3: Vegetable,Cheese,Potato,meat and so on
  • Feature 4: Manaul and Multifunction Slicer
  • Feature 5: Stainless Steel and Plastic
  • feature 6: Hand crank Vegetable Cutter
  • feature 7: Manual & Multifunction
A kitchen counter


  • It is easy to use as it does not contain any complex machine or function.
  • It is portable which means people can take it anywhere easily.
  • It saves money as by using this you need not buy expensive pre-sliced vegetables and other items from the grocery.
  • It minimizes the effort of the person to cut vegetables and also saves their time by ensuring fast preparation of the food. 
  • It boosts the creativity of the cook by providing the same shape and size of various choices.
A person preparing food in a kitchen


  • The sharp blades inside the machine can cause serious injury/harm while washing or cleaning the equipment if done without proper care and precaution.
  • The person operating the handle of the machine through which it can get exhausted or worn out while using it. 
  • It uses more storage space unlike other cutting tools like knives and scissors. 


The food slicing machine can be much powerful and efficient in slicing the items if used correctly. Moreover, it is non-toxic and does not cause any harm to the environment. It is also affordable for people with an average income range. It is the best alternative to a knife as it simplifies the work of the cook and makes him/her enjoy cooking.

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