The Benefits Of Black Berries – Can They Help You

benefits of black berries

These days we have many varieties of blackberry, which is highly nutritious. The following discussion will provide you with the benefits of black berries and how they can help in improving your lifestyle.

The three main benefits of black berries that are unique to this genus include antioxidant, anti-bacterial, and anti-fungal properties. All these properties have the potential to improve our health and fight against disease. The anthocyanins, flavonoids, and proanthocyanidins which are present in black berries act as antioxidants which help in protecting us from free radicals. Free radicals have the potential to damage our DNA, thus increasing the risk of cancer. Antioxidants neutralize these free radicals and prevent them from doing damage.

Anti Inflammatory Property

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There are many benefits of blackberry but the most important fact about it is its anti-inflammatory property. The black beret is very powerful as it contains more anti-inflammatory chemicals than any other natural source. But there is insufficient evidence to prove that it works effectively as an anti-aging product. There are some scientific studies that mention the efficacy of blackberry in lowering the levels of pro-inflammatory chemicals.

There are certain benefits of black berries, which need to be highlighted. The blackberry has the highest content of antioxidants like vitamin c and vitamin k which are helpful in preventing skin cancer and controlling cholesterol level. It also contains large amounts of dietary fiber, which improves the digestive system. However, there is inadequate evidence to prove that it is effective in reducing blood pressure or reducing stress. There are some scientific studies that mention the benefits of black berries in treating cancer and heart disease but these claims remain unverified till date.

Consumed In The Form Of Powder

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The benefits of black raspberries can be increased when it is consumed in the form of powder. However, it is not recommended for diabetic patients as the low degree of fiber in it may result in gas formation. When it is consumed in the form of juice or tablets, there is a possibility of diarrhea. Some people may suffer from stomach ache after consuming blackberries. It is advisable to consume it in proper quantities and without overdose.

The beneficial effects of black berries were discovered by the ancient Greeks and Romans, who claimed that they had used black berry to treat many diseases. However, the study of scientists showed that the berries do not have any effect on human health. It is only the claims made in the advertisement about their effectiveness, which could be responsible for its popularity. There are sufficient scientific studies to prove that the black berry has anti-aging properties and it increases the blood flow to the skin. However, there is no scientific studies that prove that black berries have the ability to treat cancer.

Journal Of Agricultural And Food Chemistry

In a study published in the Journal of Agricultural and Food Chemistry, it was found that the blackberry has antioxidant activity. This antioxidant activity may help to prevent certain cancers like colon cancer, prostate cancer and breast cancer. However, the results of this study published in the Journal of Agricultural and Food Chemistry were not consistent across different types of berries. 

The results of the studies published in different journals also showed different amounts of antioxidant activity of raspberries. There is insufficient evidence to prove that the berries have any effect on various other diseases like diabetes, heart disease and cognitive impairment.


The scientists did not find any benefit of blackberry on type 2 diabetes. The evidence found in the scientific studies showed that the antioxidants present in the fruit prevents oxidative stress and improves the circulation of the blood. However, there are sufficient scientific studies which prove that they have a positive effect on reducing cholesterol and improving heart health. Even though there is no clear proof, black berry extracts present in the supplement have shown positive results on cholesterol levels. Therefore, black berry extract can be considered as a powerful antioxidant which can help in reducing the risk of cancer and heart diseases.

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