Top 6 Health Benefits Of Strawberry Fruit

Health Benefits Of Strawberry Fruit

Strawberry fruit is popular all over the world for its nutritious value. In the 18th century, strawberry (Fragaria ananassa) originated in Europe. The fruit is a hybrid of two wild strawberry species from North America and Chile. These berries are bright red, juicy, and sweet.

Minerals And Vitamins


Strawberry contains minerals like vitamin C and manganese and also contains vitamin B9 (folate) and potassium. Since they are high in antioxidants and plant compounds, the strawberries are good for heart health and enable the control of blood sugar levels.


To a lesser extent, the fruit provides iron, copper, phosphorus, magnesium and vitamins B6, K and E. People eat strawberries in raw or fresh form, and they use it in a variety of purposes. Besides, they are also used to make jams, jellies, and desserts.

Health Benefits Of Strawberry Fruit
Top 6 Health Benefits Of Strawberry Fruit

Nutrition Facts Of Strawberry Fruit

You will be glad to know that this fruit contains water, carbohydrates, and a minor amount of fat and protein. Since it contains high water levels, it has a low content of carbs. Strawberry has a low glycemic index and hence suitable for people suffering from high blood sugar.

Health Benefits Of Strawberry Fruit

There are various potential benefits of strawberries, and they support the body against various diseases.

Prevent Heart Disease

Due to the high polyphenol content, strawberry has a preventive effect against heart disease. The plant compounds, polyphenols present in strawberry is good for the body. Besides, the potassium and fiber content also support heart health.

Health Benefits Of Strawberry Fruit
Top 6 Health Benefits Of Strawberry Fruit

Prevents Stroke

The presence of antioxidants quercetin, kaempferol, and anthocyanin in strawberry inhibit the risk of heart attacks and stroke. Hence, the fruit reduced the risk moderately, after the risk of cardiovascular factors were taken into account.


Strawberry fruit possesses potent antioxidants that work against free radicals. The fruit helped in the prevention of tumor growth and inflammation in the body.

Blood Pressure

Strawberries contain high potassium content and hence benefits people with high blood pressure.

Potassium Intake

Intake of low potassium is a significant risk factor as high sodium intake leads to high blood pressure. Hence being sweet, strawberries are consumed by people as they have high potassium in their diet.


Strawberries, grapes, cantaloupe, watermelon are high in water and fiber content. In addition to it, these help to hydrate the body and regulate bowel movement. Constipation problems are resolved due to the fiber content in the berries, thus adding bulk to the stool.


A diabetic person should eat strawberry fruit to keep blood sugar under control. Eating strawberries keeps you full for a long time and hence is liked by all. It also reduces the urge to snack between meals and therefore supports glucose-management. Finally, blood sugar spikes are decreased.


To conclude, strawberry fruit is available in the market fresh, frozen, freeze-dried, and in syrups, jellies and jams.

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